Special Interview

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Pic:Christina Jansen


☆PRAYING MANTISとしては初めて、2作続けて同じメンバーでレコーディングしましたね。この事がアルバムの出来にどんな影響を与えていますか?

Basically, superb. After a while you become like brothers and know what the other members are thinking, thus the whole recording process becomes much easier. it must be great for bands that have maintained their line-ups for many many years! I do believe that if things go well and we record yet another album with the same line-up then the real positive aspects will show through.



Now this is a difficult question as there are many interpretations. i.e. what type of places we would be playing, the type of shows, etc...... But really it is impossible to say anything on any aspect as at this point in time we are not certain if a tour will be possible this year.



☆あなたの書いた曲である「FUTURE OF THE WORLD」はアルバム中でも最高の曲ですね。この曲についてサウンド、歌詞の面から解説してくれますか?

As all fans know mantis have their own sound, so any song we record will have the mantis sound, the lyrics, just as only the children cry, future of the world is all about the powerful people that rule our world, with so much power and weapons, they could wipe out the world with their hate for one another, this song is about getting rid of war and anger, peace on earth, lets hope they keep it safe.




Not really as being a second album everyone was so much more relaxed and it somehow became much more natural to me.....almost sounding like I had been in Mantis for many years.


☆このアルバムで特に気に入っている曲はありますか? その理由は?

Nowhere to hide, the title track as I do think that it is my best vocal ever.


☆個人的にはあなたがPRAYING MANTIS史上、最強のヴォーカリストと思っています。そんな声が日本のファンからも聞こえてきます。そのことについては?

I am very honoured by the statement and aim to continue giving my best in the situation.



☆このアルバム全体のギター・サウンドについてはどう思っていますか? また新たな試みは?

Naturally I think it is great; well lets just say that it is the best I could get at the time. I tried AMP FARM software which is an amplifier emulation program, enabling one to use various amps and speaker configurations. Other than that it was a Marshall valvestate, direct to desk via the emulated output which I have still to better.

 当然素晴らしいと思っているよ。そうだな、その時に自分で出しきれたベストだったと言っておこうか。AMP FARMというソフトウェアを試してみた。アンプのエミュレーション・プログラムで、どんなアンプの音も出せるし、プリ・アンプとしてどんなキャビネットへの組み合わせもできるんだ。それ以外には、マーシャル・ヴァルヴステイトで、エミュレーティッド・ライン・アウトからダイレクトにミキサー卓へ送った。


SOS is about our favourite subject again - GLOBAL CATASTROPHE. In a world where it becomes too unbearable to live; in a world where we have exhausted all of our natural supplies and resources, we look for help from another civilisation far from our reach, to bail us out of the hole that we have dug for ourselves; hence the S.O.S...... If you listen to the song on the CD will hear many layered guitars at counterpoint with one another (especially at the end), giving an effect of varying cries of help to the cosmos. The final explosion----Well we well never know--- It could be a gigantic meteor or a super volcano that terminates our existence as the HUMAN RACE.

「セイヴ・アワ・ソウルズ」はまたもや、僕らの好きな題材である“地球規模の大災害”についての曲だ。生きることが耐え難くなった世界、自然の供給物や資源を使い果たしてしまった世界において、我々は遙か彼方からの別の文明に助けを求め、自ら掘った穴から救出してもらう。だから"S. O. S."なんだ。CDでこの曲を聴くと、(特に最後の方で)ギターが折り重なって聴こえる部分がある。宇宙に向かって助けを求める様々な叫びのような効果を出しているんだ。最後の爆発音は…、誰も知り得ないだろ…、我々の人類としての存在を終わらせてしまう巨大な隕石とか、ものすごい火山なのかもしれない。



Main thing is that I am much more happy with the sound and production of the drums compared to the last album which really was not what I wanted or expected.


☆このアルバムで特に気に入っている曲はありますか? その理由は?

River of Hope, because I wrote it !!!! ha, ha. Seriously I think it is a powerful and moving track.

「リヴァー・オブ・ホープ」。なぜって自分が書いたから!! ハハハ。冗談はさておき、この曲は力強くて心を動かす曲だと思うよ。




The main joy in any album comes in playing to the best fans in the world, and this time round we hope to see you again very soon.



My message to our friends, I call them friends because they are, each and everyone of you, thank you for all your support, and for making it possible for us to come to Japan and play for you, as you know now that our line up is complete the better the band become, and each album we do gets better every time, keep up your support for us, lots of love, Dennis, XXX

 友達へのメッセージは(みんなのことを友達と呼ぶよ、だって本当に友達だから)、みんな一人一人にありがとうと言いたい。みんなが応援してくれるから、日本に来てプレイすることができる。みんなも知っての通り俺達のラインナップは遂に完成されたし、バンドとして良くなっている。俺達は実際アルバムを出す度に良くなっているんだから。みんな、引き続き応援よろしく。愛を込めて。デニス XXX


Best wishes and Thank you all so much for your dedicated support of PRAYING MANTIS. We hope to see you all again very soon...... There is NOWHERE TO HIDE !



As stated on the new album, there are some special fans out there that have followed us from the release of Time tells no lies and it is possible that at some of the shows it is now their children that we have had the pleasure to inherit as fans. But we love them all old and new, it has given me a chapter in my life that I will always be appreciative of, and never ever will forget....................



Similar to Tony, There are some great songs on the album and I cannot wait to play them live.